Sunday, November 25, 2012

Posts and poems

Two things today.

I published a new post on Poet&Geek's blog. This is Gutenberg's Heirs - The Sequel, in which I use Cathy Garcia's and Jean-Pierre Lesieur's answers to my previous post about online publishing vs inprint. Poet&Geek' blog is here

Then I answered Joseph Ouaknine's call for submission for Les cahiers de poésie earlier this month and had the great surprise this morning to see a message coming in the mail box asking me to proof read the pdf file attached in which the whole of Les engelures pendulaires/The Pendulum Chilblains appear. The English translation was published earlier this year by Gregory Vincent St Thomasino in E.ratio. It is the first time the French version is accepted somewhere.

That was quite a surprise really.
Les cahiers de poésie n°32 - Décembre 2012 - 20€

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