Saturday, September 28, 2013

Prose Poem Continuum in Hirschworth

With "Filth" unpublished and "Resurgence" lately published in Colours Journal, "Continuum" is one of the latest poems I wrote. It was published last September 12 in the online magazine Hirschworth.
I have several writing projects in progress one of them is a collection of prose poems.
Soon more to come!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Three New Poems in a New Journal

Donovan Martinez should have launched The Electric Poet last year but things never happen the way they should, or seldom. So he waited to see life in the prism of a rainbow, just like me, and decided to start this brand new publication Colours Journal where three of my poems 7x13, 8x13 and Resurgence appear. This is a very nice looking online journal and the photograph by Eleanor Bennett are rightly illustrating these prose poems. The whole thing here.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Father's Day

Tom & Eve O'Reilly did it. I am always a bit suspicious when submitting to a "fledgling market" as Duotrope call them. I have had frustrating experiences with issue-one-releases from various journals which ended up not showing at all. I think the frustration is even worse when a journal actually appears and publishes one or two issues then disappears in the limbo of small press.

Anyway, here is the first issue of Deep Water Literary Journal -- Word from darkness, and it is not a surprise if I submitted there, my poetry not being the most exhilarating or hilarious of all I must admit honestly.

"Father's Day" from my collection The Loss is now online at Deep Water Literary Journal and I have to thank Tom & Eve for this choice which, as you know it, has a huge importance to me. Thank you to Marie Lecrivain -- Poetic Diversity, California -- for promoting this issue and compliment my work as a poet.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Ygdrasil September Issue

There is another collection from which many poems have been published this year. The Loss is about loosing it all, loosing my father, self-confidence, among other things.
The four poems Klaus J. Gerken accepted are "Arborescence", "My German Shepherd", "Two Sights of You", and "Craving for More".

Three of them are bout my father who passed away last February and can be read online here. The journal itself publishes so many talented poets that checking all back issues is never a waste of time. All issues are archived on Ygdrasil's website

The last poems from The Year the World Ended... Not published

There is this English poetry journal in which I appeared a few times and that is going to disappear. Michelle Foster has done a brilliant work with Inclement since 2000. The poems published are "What Hides in the Bathroom Drawer", "Crusty Dusk" and "Another Day Out"

The work done by Michelle will stop soon as she decided to put an end to Inclement for personal reasons which anyone around here can only accept and understand. There are so many reasons why a person might be discouraged or just feel overwhelmed by such a task as editing.

I had to put Mauvaise graine in hiatus for two years before the itch came back and I decided to launch the journal again.

Many fellow poets I know were published in this excellent journal. people such as Christopher Barnes, A.J. Huffmann, Sam Rapth, Howie Good, J.J. Steinfeld, G. David Schwartz, Christopher Mulrooney just to name a few.

For all she did for our work, thank you Michelle and I hope the itch will come back to you as soon as possible.

Inclement's website and Michelle Foster's website