Sunday, September 15, 2013

Father's Day

Tom & Eve O'Reilly did it. I am always a bit suspicious when submitting to a "fledgling market" as Duotrope call them. I have had frustrating experiences with issue-one-releases from various journals which ended up not showing at all. I think the frustration is even worse when a journal actually appears and publishes one or two issues then disappears in the limbo of small press.

Anyway, here is the first issue of Deep Water Literary Journal -- Word from darkness, and it is not a surprise if I submitted there, my poetry not being the most exhilarating or hilarious of all I must admit honestly.

"Father's Day" from my collection The Loss is now online at Deep Water Literary Journal and I have to thank Tom & Eve for this choice which, as you know it, has a huge importance to me. Thank you to Marie Lecrivain -- Poetic Diversity, California -- for promoting this issue and compliment my work as a poet.

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