Sunday, May 13, 2018

Three poems in erbacce

erbacce journal issue 53 cover
I think I can remember being acquainted with erbacce and Alan Corkish for about 7 years, back when I was living in Mayotte and tried to place poems from Maore I was compiling at the time. It is through the poetry competition I took part into that I first submitted poems to them. Yet, it is the first time ever that some of my poems appear in their nice journal.

erbacce is based in the UK (Liverpool) and run by Alan himself and Andrew Taylor. This journal gave birth to the press of the same name.

These three poems -- "A Bath of Glitter", "Grow Me some Wine", and "Reason Guarded by the Wise" -- are taken from the still unpublished collection I am used to naming Tamed Dracanae or the Dragon Project. I will probably self-publish it and change its title since no press accepted it so far and the title is probably too abstruse though explained in the introduction.

This new publication makes 26 original poems out of the 70 that compose the manuscript have been published so far. I stopped submitting these poems for a while and started again since over a half of them were left unpublished. I'll probably stop there now since most press like to have poems left unpublished when they choose to print a book.

I am thankful to Alan and Andrew for having accepted these three poems. This makes a new venue where my troubled verses appear, and a new link on the right hand-side of this blog!