Monday, December 31, 2018

Publications Nov.- Dec. 2018

Gerhard Richter
January, November, December 1989
Art from Saint Louis Art Museum, St. Louis, MO, USA

Catching up with a mix of poems in French and English, old and new, translations and original, on this side of the Atlantic and the other.

CITN, November: We Will Be Moles, A Reminiscence from No Past of Mine, Castrated Couple, Sapiens Sucks II, To Be a Tree, Yellow Wipe, Obfuscating Windows, Panting, The World Map, Sapiens Sucks

poeticdiversity, November: Fireflies, Forklift Truck

Poèmes 1993-2001, décembre, Urtica

Urtica, décembre: J’attends l’obscurité

Le capital des mots, décembre: Et il voulait le soleil, Essoufflé, Emmener, Echo déformé

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Poèmes 1993-2001

Disponible aussi sur
ISBN: 9780244445027
15€ (+ frais de port) -- 308 pages -- couverture souple

Lire Walter Ruhlmann, c'est ouvrir un tiroir secret de notre conscience. C'est aussi s'élargir l'esprit et cultiver le goût de la différence.
Frédéric MAIRE, dans Press-stances n°7, décembre 1995

Walter a une conscience aiguë de sa propre existence, de ses envies, de ce qu’il veut ou ne veut pas en faire, des plaisirs qu’il y trouve, comme de ses souillures et de ses souffrances. Sa poésie est son album de voyage, la trace de son itinéraire parmi les hommes. Et ce besoin, de dire et d’écrire, il l’exprime debout, dehors, face aux vents. Il se mouille, forcément. Alors pour vous, je ne sais pas ; moi, il m’atteint, me touche et me mouille aussi. La poésie de Walter ne sent pas la rose, c’est certain. Pourtant, quel parfum de rose pourrait ainsi vous prendre à la gorge ?
Bzone, préface à L'horizon des peupliers, 1998

Je déclare que Walter Ruhlmann est la version française de Georg Trakl, et puis c’est tout.
Marie Lecrivain, éditrice de la revue américaine poeticdiversity, Facebook 2017


Sunday, November 4, 2018

"Fade to Grey 2018" in Veil 16

Awesome poets in this new issue. Several who were published in mgv2datura, Beakful and/or Urtica:
John Thomas Allen, Paula Ashley, Lana Bella, Robert Beveridge, Tim Goldstone, Jack Granath, Ray Greenblatt, John Grey, Frank Iosue, Joan Payne Kincaid, Rudolf Klassen, Denny E. Marshall, Lance Nizami, Liam Nolte, Keith Nunes, Simon Perchik, Richard King Perkins II, Walter Ruhlmann, Joel Schueler, Meg Smith, Kathryn Staublin, Richard Stevenson, M. Stone, Lily Tierney, Changming Yuan, and John Zedolik.

The poem is part of a new collection Swimming Holes to be published in the coming months/years, hopefully. More information ahead.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Poems from Oxidations

The Unknown Soldier of Gela
by Giovanni

I always miss one or more publications each year. Last month, Klaus J. Gerken editor of the brilliant Ygdrasil, published the eight poems from Cable & Fuses the second part of Oxidations, translated from the French Oxydations, once read on a radio show back in 1994 and once published in L'Etre some time in the mid-2000s. I'm glad these poems were published last month. Another excerpt from this same volume of poetry was published in Madswirl Poetry Forum.
Thanks to all these north-American contacts or correspondents I have never met, and probably never will, I don't have the impression that I write sh*t.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Deux poèmes dans Traction-brabant 80

Le poézine passe son 80ème numéro et Patrice (Maltaverne) dit qu'il est vieux -- le poézine, pas lui.
En tout cas, très heureux de voir deux autres extraits de Le foutoir (traduction personnelle du recueil Fandango paru le mois dernier chez Urtica) publiés dans cette revue que je suis depuis plusieurs années et dont je commande les numéros qui me manquent pour compléter ma collection.
"Mémoire tampon" et "Recevoir" sont à lire dans cette nouvelle livraison de Traction-brabant pleine d'autres belles créations poétiques et artistiques.

Pour plus d'informations, vous procurer ce numéro et d'autres:

Monday, August 20, 2018

Fandango is Out Today

FANDANGO by Walter Ruhlmann is out today through Urtica Press. With a foreword by Steve Klepetar

Order your copy
$10/£10/€8 (shipping included).

ISBN: 978-0-244-10516-7 - 54 pages

contact urticalitblog at gmail dot com

"Love is illusion, and even lust is stripped of its romantic, erotic charm. Inside, hidden from the lover, lives the wolf, an embodiment of appetite as dangerous as it is energetic and wild. These poems lay themselves bare, rejecting the false comforts of easy and joyous connection." Steve Klepetar


Sapiens Sucks

To disconnect oneself,
to unwire from all the mass movements,
hysterical people made more hysterical
by the atrocities, the blood-filled images
spilling over from the boxes, the overloaded screens.

To enter blunt dumbness,
no matter what happens.
To unplug from the sound, the noise rather;
razor-like screams of children being torn apart,
women raped and men beheaded
by pigs whose silvery, sharp teeth penetrate
the human mind, the fandango.

To switch off the wide eye,
any blinking eyes blinded by purple lids,
liquid hums, snow flakes melting
on the carpet stained with tea,
semen maybe, an orgasmic mayhem.

To cherish these moments:
sofa crouching,
bed burrowing,
cat purring on the laps,
laptop off, folded back to its lair.

To forget existence, others' work or worries,
only mooning over the Earth,
the large crust ball formed then deformed,
through the geological epochs.

To feel the blows of a comet,
another gamma ray outburst,
the billion miles, the trillion stars
out of reach, under this bruised skin,
concealed deep in these tar-coated lungs.

First published in Nude Bruce Review #5, August 2015

Monday, July 23, 2018

Fandango Release Date 20 August

Fandango by Walter Ruhlmann is out in 6 days through Urtica Press. With a foreword by Steve Klepetar
$10 (shipping included). £10/€8
ISBN: 978-0-244-10516-7 - 54 pages
contact urticalitblog at gmail dot com

"Love is illusion, and even lust is stripped of its romantic, erotic charm. Inside, hidden from the lover, lives the wolf, an embodiment of appetite as dangerous as it is energetic and wild. These poems lay themselves bare, rejecting the false comforts of easy and joyous connection." Steve Klepetar



You say you want me inside you
but you don’t know what’s inside me.
The roguery, the erratic wolf craving for

What’s happening inside ourselves
always erupts and bursts outside,
in the shades of some unfathomable shelters
where we cherish the sheer moments of calm.

Now you're there, looking for me,
absolutely nothing could reassure you;
humming like I used to in the time
when we blossomed.

The mountains encircle neuralgia,
clear water is springing from their flanks
like dark blood is spurting from a corpse.

Nostalgia are at peace with themselves
but they will never leave us unharmed.
Let's collapse in the deep corridors of mercy
and burrow through a chemical shroud,
or a shredded duvet.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Civilisé, un an après

Trois poèmes extraits du recueil Civilisé (Urtica, 2017) lus par Cathy Garcia sur sa chaîne YouTube "Donner de la voix"

Toujours de Cathy Garcia, une note de lecture publiée sur le site La cause littéraire.

Et à retrouver sur le blog "Poésie chronique ta malle", une note de lecture de Patrice Maltaverne.

Des extraits de ce recueil peuvent être consultés dans différentes revues dont Le capital des mots et Revue Méninge

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Transversions de Fandango (Le foutoir) dans le Capital des mots

J'ai la joie de figurer à nouveau dans la revue électronique Le capital des mots avec des poèmes extraits du recueil Fandango (en anglais) qui paraîtra fin août 2018 chez Urtica.

Je me suis essayé à la transversion - traduction plus libre et moins contraignante, qui permet de respecter le langage poétique et d'adapter à loisir les aspects culturels ou les jeux de mots, les images qui parfois se traduisent, translatent, très mal d'une langue à l'autre.

J'y ai été initié par Peter O'Neill lorsqu'il m'a proposé un numéro de mgversion2 sur ce thème (numéro 81, juillet 2015).

Les poèmes sont à lire ici.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

"Swapping Pronouns" Up at Madswirl Poetry Forum

I am unfaithful to one of my creeds, the one you can read from Walt Whitman on the left hand-side of this blog. The I is no longer the pronoun I will use until I change my mind again. I am now talking to my other self, the one that erupted over twenty years ago and shows up from time to time.
This poem which is one of the freshest written can be read here.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Three new poems included in Scryptic 2.1

Scryptic 2.1 cover
I am glad to be part of Scryptic issue 2.1 along with poets and artists I know and/or have published in the past (mgversion2datura) or present (beakful/urtica) Bekah Steimel, Kyle Hemmings, Allison Grayhurst, Ryan Quinn Flanagan, Miriam Sagan.

These poems are "It's Raining Dead Bird", "Road 6009", and "Whorehouse", the second published poem taken from Civilisé, translated form the French. Read them here.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Loss - Father's Day in France

Five years ago, my father passed away. A year after, The Loss was published through Flutter Press.
Time to promote this book again on this special day. Order it here.

Terylene Cuddling
first published in Deep Water Literary Journal

They were grey, marine blue or brown,
you wore them everyday, synthetic fibre fabric,
always sliding from cloaks, soft and thin Terylene trousers.
The feel of them against my seven-year old cheek
when you came back from work and I became
like a foundling, some orphan in need of mercy.

The night went on, the rush towards some sleep,
I loved to slip in it but prior to the large dark hole
I spent some time lying on the sofa watching some film
from another era, a time when you and she
were cuddling, exploring each other's life,
accepting one another breath and mood.

Yours were thick and smelly, hers never as round as they seem;
both made me recoil anyway – a fright for the gremlin – 
except when you came back from work
smelling vapours from the kitchen or when
you had burned twigs and weeds in the garden
and the smell of smoke lingered on your clothes.

My head on your thigh, your hand repeatedly
but gently brushing my blonde, straight, hair,
until my eyes closed and you seemed to be
ready to take me upstairs to my bed, she made
with cotton sheets and feather-full cushions
soothing my weariness, comforting my dismay.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Three poems in erbacce

erbacce journal issue 53 cover
I think I can remember being acquainted with erbacce and Alan Corkish for about 7 years, back when I was living in Mayotte and tried to place poems from Maore I was compiling at the time. It is through the poetry competition I took part into that I first submitted poems to them. Yet, it is the first time ever that some of my poems appear in their nice journal.

erbacce is based in the UK (Liverpool) and run by Alan himself and Andrew Taylor. This journal gave birth to the press of the same name.

These three poems -- "A Bath of Glitter", "Grow Me some Wine", and "Reason Guarded by the Wise" -- are taken from the still unpublished collection I am used to naming Tamed Dracanae or the Dragon Project. I will probably self-publish it and change its title since no press accepted it so far and the title is probably too abstruse though explained in the introduction.

This new publication makes 26 original poems out of the 70 that compose the manuscript have been published so far. I stopped submitting these poems for a while and started again since over a half of them were left unpublished. I'll probably stop there now since most press like to have poems left unpublished when they choose to print a book.

I am thankful to Alan and Andrew for having accepted these three poems. This makes a new venue where my troubled verses appear, and a new link on the right hand-side of this blog!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Publications this month

A New Ulster Issue 65 Cover

It is nice, I'd rather say comforting  to start writing again. It proves it's not completely gone.
It is even more pleasant to know these poems can be published, that an editor accepts them as being acceptable, publishable, readable.

I am slowly returning to writing, translating some poems in French, or rewriting old poems in English (the early work written while I was living in the UK, back in the mid-90s) and publishing these poems. This past February I had the pleasure to have three poems published.

Futures Trading (USA, Caleb Puckett editor) accepted the translation into English of one of the poems from my chapbook in French Civilisé [Civilized]. "We Progress in a Septic Area" can be found among other poets' work here.

A New Ulster (UK, Belfast, Amos Greig editor) published two fresh poems "A Gun Pointed to the Stomach" and "Her Art" in the 65th issue of the journal.

That month also marked several "anniversaries". My father's death, something I am still recovering from after 5 years. I know I'll never fully recover. The 4th anniversary of the publication of The Loss (Flutter Press, 2014), a book that is precisely about the events I went through the previous year. The 3rd anniversary of the publication of Crossing Puddles (Robocup Press, 2015) about which David Herrle wrote a review that can be read in his journal Subtletea.

More to come this year

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Nouveaux délits 59 -- janvier 2018

Il est arrivé par la poste à l'instant et je m'y plonge cet après midi. Merci Cathy pour ce travail minutieux.

Illustration de couverture Arnaud Martin

Eh bien voilà revenue l’année nouvelle ! Nous savons que ça ne veut pas dire grand chose, mais si ça peut nous permettre de nous sentir de même un tant soit peu neufs, décidés à laisser derrière nous le pesant et l’obsolète... Une nouvelle chance, un nouveau départ, un peu de poudre de perlimpinpin qui brille, une virginité en toc, un lustre qui disparaitra en deux coups d’éponge, mais quelques secondes de rêve, ce n’est pas rien, alors on ne va pas se les gâcher en faisant du mauvais esprit, surtout quand on s’appelle « Nouveaux Délits ».

Si la lucidité est la blessure la plus rapprochée du soleil, comme l’écrivait Char, alors elle est au soleil pendant que d’autres sont au bureau, aussi spacieux soit-il. Alors, fait-elle vraiment souffrir cette lucidité ? Et si elle était justement la garante du rêve ? Entre la transparence et l’opacité, il y a la beauté de la translucidité, ce qui n’est pas sans rapport avec la poésie.

Aussi, je vous invite sans plus de blabla à la découverte des poètes de ce nouveau numéro. Je les ai choisis avec mon meilleur mauvais goût, clin d’œil à de pauvres petites idées fixes et préconçues et donc pas très neuves, de ce qu’est, doit être et ne peut pas être la poésie. Ne cherchez pas, la poésie n’y est déjà plus ! Souhaitons-nous plutôt de tirer le meilleur jus de cette année inédite et de le boire en chantant à tue-tête. Soyons sérieux : rions beaucoup et aimons plus encore !

Bonne année 2018 à vous toutes et tous et que la paix ferme le bec des imbéciles qui ne laissent pas passer la lumière.


Au sommaire de ce numéro:

Délit de poésie dans l’irrespect total de la parité (mais c’est LA poésie) :

Pénélope Corps
Benoit Arcadias
Jean-Louis Millet avec six fragments de Psychorama holographique
Marc Guimo et des extraits de sa Réalité dispersée
Pablo Gelgon

Résonances :
Civilisé de Walter Ruhlmann, Urtica 2017
Tu écris des poèmes de Murièle Modély, Éd. du Cygne, 2017

Délits d’(in)citations, petits flocons mignons qui fondent au coin des pages.

Vous trouverez le nouveau bulletin de complicité au fond en sortant, il est en tout point pareil que l’ancien, en digne résistant à la hausse des tarifs postaux.

Illustrateur : Arnaud Martin

Plus ici