Sunday, March 31, 2013

Poised in Flight Kind of a Hurricane Press Anthology

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Poised In Flight (198 pages) is our first anthology of 2013, we asked the writing community to ponder the theme “wings,” and they rose to the occasion brilliantly. Several delved into the fantastical flights and follies of mythical icons. Some took us on metaphorical flights of passage and transcendence. Others pulled us along on their interpretations of more conventional trips. From our record number of submissions, we have compiled what we believe to be our most layered collection yet, laden with talent. There is something here for everyone.

Features: A Wing can Cover all Sorts of Things and PMT3

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Carmine Carnival from Lazarus Press

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Succumb to the irresistible mythologies built around the beauty of evil. Surrender to the temptations of the flesh, its vampiric shades, its mouth-watering energy. And submit to the epistolary colour Red: blood, wine, sex, desire, Walter Ruhlmann’s haunting yet sanguine collection of poetry, CARMINE CARNIVAL. -- Pasquale Goldberg, Lazarus Media Publisher


Walter is both a young and experienced poet as regards to his commitment to contemporary poetry as he has been editing the journal mgversion2>datura since 1996. His natural independent mind drives him to look at the poetry from other parts of the world, mostly poetry in English, from these lands of islands and sun sometimes, a poetry he translates and renders to us as many proofs of his yearning for freedom.
Patrice Maltaverne, French publisher, reviewer and poet. Edits the journal Traction-Brabant and runs Editions du Citron gare.

Walter Ruhlmann is a writer and a poet definitely turned toward poetry in the English language, that is to say misunderstood or ignored by French poetry circles that do not like real life poetry maybe, poetry of living a man's life in all its dimensions, with so many of them and so rich by the way, without the need to go and fetch whatever, wherever, that would make it more “poetic”. Walter's pen is wide enough to dig as much beauty in the language as crudeness in the existence. His own existence is his creative soil and he does not hesitate to call a puss a pussy and a dick a dick. Yet, he stands away from the common, self-centered authors. Through his journal mgversion2datura, he, especially but not only, likes and is interested in the others' work, even if it's not always his cup of tea, but his mind reflects his pen: it is wide and open – stinginess being certainly kept for more intimate and rather private pleasures.
Cathy Garcia, visual artist, poet and editor of Nouveaux délits.
Walter Ruhlmann is a poet who writes with wit and intelligence. His poetry is vivid and accessible full of sharp bright images that invite you into his world and then takes you down roads that trick, amuse and surprise. He sits a little outside of mainstream in so far as his poetry is not trite or obvious, he is someone I enjoy reading and one of those names I look for when a magazine drops through the door.
Jim Bennett, poet, editor of The Poetry Kit website
Walter Ruhlmann is a poet of intersecting universes, a connoisseur and composer of watchful nights, a procreator and juggler of sensual and philosophical discoveries. The gravitational field of his poetry unfolds like the appeal of an ocean echoing the voices of never ceasing questions and restless doubts. His multi-faceted, simultaneously classical and avant-garde oeuvre is a constant impelling force to dedicate our lives to perfecting our perceptive and transcendental worlds while incorporating the tangible, bodily realms as well in order to become the carnal apotheosis of millenary poetical quests.
Károly Sándor Pallai, editor in chief of Vents alizés (Seychelles)