Saturday, February 23, 2019

The Loss followed by Great Moments of Oblivion Resuscitated

The Loss followed by GMO (Great Moments of Oblivion)
Poems by Walter Ruhlmann

Cover art by Walter Ruhlmann

© 2014-2019, Flutter Press and the author.

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Walter Ruhlmann is a poet who writes with wit and intelligence. His poetry is vivid and accessible full of sharp bright images that invite you into his world and then takes you down roads that trick, amuse and surprise. Jim BENNETT, poet, editor of The Poetry Kit

Walter Ruhlmann is a poet of intersecting universes, a connoisseur and composer of watchful nights, a procreator and juggler of sensual and philosophical discoveries. The gravitational field of his poetry unfolds like the appeal of an ocean echoing the voices of never ceasing questions and restless doubts. His multi-faceted, simultaneously classical and avant-garde oeuvre is a constant impelling force to dedicate our lives to perfecting our perceptive and transcendental worlds while incorporating the tangible, bodily realms as well in order to become the carnal apotheosis of millenary poetical quests.
Károly Sándor PALLAI poet, editor of Vents alizés


Disgust took us last Saturday
its vivid veil falling on us
and covering our lives,
the breaths we were given,
voluntarily or not.

Disgust is like the fog
invading the greenish moors around us
rocks and ghost trees, grey gloomy ghouls
guarding those implacable marshes.

The smell of it is like petrol
invading the nostrils of
this nine-year-old child
at the back of the car
sucking on the temples of
those sun glasses made of plastic.
The filling of the tank
exploding in his nose.

It can also be like the acrid odour
of puke
when six or seven years later
he entered the dark corridor
of lust.

Disgust is shaped like some misshaped
mass in motion.
Monitoring our senses
and our existences.

Monday, December 31, 2018

Publications Nov.- Dec. 2018

Gerhard Richter
January, November, December 1989
Art from Saint Louis Art Museum, St. Louis, MO, USA

Catching up with a mix of poems in French and English, old and new, translations and original, on this side of the Atlantic and the other.

CITN, November: We Will Be Moles, A Reminiscence from No Past of Mine, Castrated Couple, Sapiens Sucks II, To Be a Tree, Yellow Wipe, Obfuscating Windows, Panting, The World Map, Sapiens Sucks

poeticdiversity, November: Fireflies, Forklift Truck

Poèmes 1993-2001, décembre, Urtica

Urtica, décembre: J’attends l’obscurité

Le capital des mots, décembre: Et il voulait le soleil, Essoufflé, Emmener, Echo déformé

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Poèmes 1993-2001

Disponible aussi sur
ISBN: 9780244445027
15€ (+ frais de port) -- 308 pages -- couverture souple

Lire Walter Ruhlmann, c'est ouvrir un tiroir secret de notre conscience. C'est aussi s'élargir l'esprit et cultiver le goût de la différence.
Frédéric MAIRE, dans Press-stances n°7, décembre 1995

Walter a une conscience aiguë de sa propre existence, de ses envies, de ce qu’il veut ou ne veut pas en faire, des plaisirs qu’il y trouve, comme de ses souillures et de ses souffrances. Sa poésie est son album de voyage, la trace de son itinéraire parmi les hommes. Et ce besoin, de dire et d’écrire, il l’exprime debout, dehors, face aux vents. Il se mouille, forcément. Alors pour vous, je ne sais pas ; moi, il m’atteint, me touche et me mouille aussi. La poésie de Walter ne sent pas la rose, c’est certain. Pourtant, quel parfum de rose pourrait ainsi vous prendre à la gorge ?
Bzone, préface à L'horizon des peupliers, 1998

Je déclare que Walter Ruhlmann est la version française de Georg Trakl, et puis c’est tout.
Marie Lecrivain, éditrice de la revue américaine poeticdiversity, Facebook 2017


Sunday, November 4, 2018

"Fade to Grey 2018" in Veil 16

Awesome poets in this new issue. Several who were published in mgv2datura, Beakful and/or Urtica:
John Thomas Allen, Paula Ashley, Lana Bella, Robert Beveridge, Tim Goldstone, Jack Granath, Ray Greenblatt, John Grey, Frank Iosue, Joan Payne Kincaid, Rudolf Klassen, Denny E. Marshall, Lance Nizami, Liam Nolte, Keith Nunes, Simon Perchik, Richard King Perkins II, Walter Ruhlmann, Joel Schueler, Meg Smith, Kathryn Staublin, Richard Stevenson, M. Stone, Lily Tierney, Changming Yuan, and John Zedolik.

The poem is part of a new collection Swimming Holes to be published in the coming months/years, hopefully. More information ahead.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Poems from Oxidations

The Unknown Soldier of Gela
by Giovanni

I always miss one or more publications each year. Last month, Klaus J. Gerken editor of the brilliant Ygdrasil, published the eight poems from Cable & Fuses the second part of Oxidations, translated from the French Oxydations, once read on a radio show back in 1994 and once published in L'Etre some time in the mid-2000s. I'm glad these poems were published last month. Another excerpt from this same volume of poetry was published in Madswirl Poetry Forum.
Thanks to all these north-American contacts or correspondents I have never met, and probably never will, I don't have the impression that I write sh*t.