Friday, April 22, 2016

Journal de mes paysages n°3

Photo : Jean-Philippe Astolfi, extrait du diptyque 42°15, publié dans Jdmp 3
Deux textes en français tirés d'un recueil de prose poétique inédit - et qui a de grandes chances de le rester - "Les chantiers" et "Les kilomètres" sont parus dans le dernier numéro de la revue Journal de mes paysages. Ils sont en bonne compagnie.

Nombre de pages : 56
Images : 10
ISBN : 978-2-9549458-2-8
ISSN : 2490-7081
Reliure : relié
Contributeurs : Frédéric Dechaux, Daniel de Bruycker, Jean-Philippe Astolfi, Laurence Lépine,
François Graveline, Julie Merlo, Patrick Beaucamps, Theombogu, CeeJay, Solène Charton,
Fabrice Farre, Amélie Guyot, Elise Frixtalon, Casimir Kubiak, Émilie Notard, Riel Ouessen, Corrine
Tisserand-Simon, Kenny Ozier-Lafontaine, Marie-Josée Desvignes, Florent Dumontier, Benoît
Artige, Laure Giroir, Walter Ruhlmann, Anthony Piana, Pierre Renier, Frédéric Blaimont, Angèle
Casanova, Cécile Michotey, Martin Wable, Pierre Saunier.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Poems published last December

Two poems -- "Take On" and "Take To" -- were published in The Laughing Dog last December, something I forgot to mention.
I have been writing naught since last year or o and do not submit much. Some submissions are still pending and thought I am a sloth myself when I read them, I really don't understand why it should take sometimes over a year for a team of editors -- or just one as it happens sometimes -- to read submissions.

Anyway, it would have been unfair on Hillary Lyons not to mention this appearance in her journal since she has been a supporter of my poems. I contributed to issue 22 (December 2012) too.

Here is the full list of contributing poets to this issue

The Laughing Dog, Issue 24, 2015

Glen Armstrong, Chris Blake, John Dockall, David Hogsett, Kevin Kiely, Joan Payne Kincaid, Duane Locke, Robert Manaster, David Miller, Rodney Nelson, John Nizalowski, Richard King Perkins II, Walter Ruhlmann, Bobbi Sinha-Morey, Ken W Simpson, J. J. Steinfeld, Lily Tierney, Carol Christy White, Diane Webster

The same month (4 months ago that is) a news online journal of poetry published "Incubate", inspired by the medieval ages and other things. It can be found here.