Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Publications this month

A New Ulster Issue 65 Cover

It is nice, I'd rather say comforting  to start writing again. It proves it's not completely gone.
It is even more pleasant to know these poems can be published, that an editor accepts them as being acceptable, publishable, readable.

I am slowly returning to writing, translating some poems in French, or rewriting old poems in English (the early work written while I was living in the UK, back in the mid-90s) and publishing these poems. This past February I had the pleasure to have three poems published.

Futures Trading (USA, Caleb Puckett editor) accepted the translation into English of one of the poems from my chapbook in French Civilisé [Civilized]. "We Progress in a Septic Area" can be found among other poets' work here.

A New Ulster (UK, Belfast, Amos Greig editor) published two fresh poems "A Gun Pointed to the Stomach" and "Her Art" in the 65th issue of the journal.

That month also marked several "anniversaries". My father's death, something I am still recovering from after 5 years. I know I'll never fully recover. The 4th anniversary of the publication of The Loss (Flutter Press, 2014), a book that is precisely about the events I went through the previous year. The 3rd anniversary of the publication of Crossing Puddles (Robocup Press, 2015) about which David Herrle wrote a review that can be read in his journal Subtletea.

More to come this year