Sunday, November 11, 2012

Poet & Geek issue 5

Lately I wrote about my brand new occupation as guest editor in Poet & Geek team. Well, that's also because the recently accepted three poems from the collection I am currently working on. These poems can be found here.
Image by Susan Bell Poet & Geek issue 5 cover
There have been so much work done throughout the year. Mind you, I have been off work for five whole months and as a TESL - teacher of English - I always have plenty of time ahead of me.

You know - well, French readers know - that I am trying to collect funds to publish a poetry collection I polished up lately that dates back to the time I lived in the UK: 1995-1997. Etranges anges anglais - Strange English Angels - I submitted it to several French publishers and one answered with what we call an author's contract: when the author has to pay for or at least buy a certain number of his own books, which I found actually outrageous. I refused at first, but then tried to turn it into my advantage by raising a subscription to be able to pay the publisher and have the book printed. I won't make it to what I need apparently and already plan to withdraw the book from the hands of this publisher who I don't blame that much for what he suggests - I never pre-sold more than he would probably have.
So this manuscript will also be self-published in a way, as it is going to be sent to mgv2>publishing who I am the editor of and will accept of course the work. I sometimes feel schizophrenic...

I kind of want to "get rid" of these old collections as fast as possible and concentrate on the ones I am currently working on or have even completed. As some of you know, Lapwing Publishing, Belfast (Northern Ireland) accepted De Maore from which most poems were published in the years 2011/2012.

I have this other collection in French Post Mayotte Trauma which poems were, there again, nearly all published in journals and magazines. That one will also keep unpublished for some time I reckon.
Carmine Carnival, which as I said in a previous post is under consideration at several publishers in the Americas and the UK.

That other one Caves Full of Absence - erotic and autobiographic poems - from which excerpts have been and will be published here and there.

I now have over thirty poems - some of which have already appeared in publications - collected in a single untitled document and still to be completed; I know this collection to be has not come to a term yet. That one will be more about the cultural similarities and differences of my homeland - Normandy - and the place I currently live in - Bresse, plus a squaring up with my family and a few other things.

Anyway, as I wrote before, winter is favorable for writing. I am not done with it yet.

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