Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cables & Fuses from Oxidation Published

Patricia Carroll
That was a strange time, the mid-1990s. I had this concept of writing inspired by all the science fiction movies and novels I had read since as early as 11. An apocalyptic context - a time when machines take over human beings before they are themselves conquered and stricken down by artificial otherworldly beings.
I wrote this collection - Oxidation - around 1994. It was once read on a local radio and published only lately  in French by L'Être.
A part of it - Cables and Fuses - appears in the latest issue of David Fraser's Ascent Aspirations, the Canadian online journal of literature and the arts. It is also hosting many poets and artists I admire a lot, which pleases me even more: RD Armstrong, Lyn Lifshin, Norman J. Olson.
This new issue can be read here.

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