Friday, November 30, 2012

Poetic Diversity Issue 8 December 2012

art by tatiana tulskaya
That's so weird: sometimes you can hear the wind blowing, feel abandoned, then all he words you had sent out there are finally caught and transferred onto paper or screen.
Two other poems are published in the online journal of literature from California: Poetic Diversity run by Marie Lecrivain and co edited by a team of undoubtedly brave and interesting people among whom her mascots Puff and Mr Poe - I think they are her cats.

"Another Appointment" is the poem echoing the opening piece of the collection Carmine Carnival "Another Waiting Room", published in Touch Poetry Journal last March.

"The Bowl Hat" - inspired by Mike Cannel's pwoermds - is also taken from the unpublished collection Carmine Carnival.

Both can be read here.

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