Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sypay 11 May 2014

It is not a very nice time for me for plenty of reasons. So, receiving via email the new issue of Sipay a literary journal from Seychelles edited by Daouda Traoré, was a beam of light in this grim moment.
Some excerpts from Snow Can Wait, a short collection of poems written in Manchester in 1997, translated into English two years ago, and that will be part of the collection Tamed Dracaenae and Some Orphans were selected to feature in this Indian Ocean journal. I am glad to have these poems published in this international-spanned journal, and to see also such poets and artists in the published people as Fern G.Z. Carr, Sophie Brassart and so many others.

This journal being an imprint only, and without a website, just order a copy from
or Sipay B. P. 4085, Mahé, Seychelles

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