Sunday, May 18, 2014

Rewinding to March 2014: Rejected Dreams Anthology

Last year, 2013, December, I was already working on Tamed Dracaenae and Some Orphans, a collection of poems still in progress. Between new and fresh poems, I submitted some of them back then, I also had this weird idea to submit previously published poems that were written in the late 1990s, published in French journal, and that I translated.

EAB Publishing edit and release seasonal and themed anthologies. I submitted some of these translated poems for their Spring issue: Rejected Dreams. One poem was accepted, this poem is published along with its French original version. "The Water Lily and The Orchid" or "Le nénuphar et l'orchidée", in French, is part of a very short collection that has never been published since then: Snow Can Wait (titled after Tori Amos' song "Winter").

I added these few poems -- no more than a dozen -- to my Tamed Dracaenae file for one good reason some of you may already know, or will discover as the poems are published through the year and the next.

The thing is, this anthology was published in March of this year and I did receive the digital copy, filed it in my personal writing folder on my email client, and forgot about it. Until today, when I wondered if this anthology had actually been published or not. I checked on EAB website and noticed the anthology was available indeed .

I was quite puzzled not have had any news from the editorial staff. So, I started writing an email to Tim Benson to query about the aforesaid anthology. Before clicking send, I just had an after-thought and checked my archive folder to eventually find out an email from EAB Publishing with the anthology attached, plus a questionnaire about my work (they sent it along with the e-copy to inquire and share their contributors' background).

This first semester has been so busy with teaching and other duties that I certainly filed this email, only scanning through it and not realizing its importance: any publications is important to me.

So, with a two-month delay, I announce that, again, one of my poems is published in a gorgeous and velly well set anthology which you can buy here.

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