Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Ninth Poem Published in Three Days

Isère, France
I Wish It Would Snow for Christmas is the latest poem from one of the collections written this year: The Year the World Ended... Not. After Post Mayotte Trauma (French) and Carmine Carnival (English) from which most poems were published in various publications worldwide but that are still under publishers' consideration...

Just six days before the end of this peculiar year, I have had hundreds of poems published, not counting non fiction posts I published on blogs such as Poet & Geek.

These last three days, there were poems in Flutter Poetry Journal & Rolling Thunder Press, Winter 2012 Issues, MadSwirl Poetry Forum, Reprint Poetry Magazine, The Gypsy Art Villa (thanks Belinda Subraman) and another poem The Divine Earthling/La divine terrienne written in English and translated into French for and sent to Cathy Garcia who posted it on two of the blogs she edits delitdepoesie.hautetfort.com and cathygarcia.hautetfort.com.

After almost twenty years spent writing, I start feeling kind of professional and thinking that what Alexandra Berdah wrote in the French poetry journal Libellé in 1995 when I first published my poem "Zelda" - translated into English since then, and printed and reprinted (Poetry Super Highway Yom-Hashoah 2011) here and there - that I would be one of the must-read writers of the 21st century. OK, she exaggerated a lot. What are we in this tiny world of the independent press and al. Yet, I haven't felt that well for months really; and if the first half of the year was awful, the second half has been awesome.

Thanks to all who trusted me this year and published my work, read my blogs and submitted work to mgversion2>datura & mgv2>publishing.

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