Saturday, December 22, 2012

Keeping Couched in Flutter Poetry Journal

Flutter Poetry Journal Winter 2012 Issue Cover
Steampunk Book courtesy of Pinterest
I send poems away to editors I have never worked with, not really knowing what they like, who they prefer publishing, though you may read their publications, you may fall out of their interest.

This is quite a challenge really. Sometimes, you end not knowing whether the editors/publishers you are used to sending poems to accept your work just because it's you and you have set more than just publishing tasks between you and them, or because your work is worth it.

That's why it is necessary to test it - your work - to the eyes and taste of other publishers.

Sandy Sue Benitez accepted one of my poems written at the beginning of the current year and featuring in that collection I have been working since I completed Post Mayotte Trauma and Carmine Carnival.

They were just random poems at the beginning but I soon collected them into something coherent, where the main topic is about the life cycle, how one starts from one point to land somewhere else where things should/could have been pretty much different but aren't.

This poem can be read here. There are more to read in the Winter 2012 issue.

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