Friday, January 4, 2013

Best Wishes En Route for 2013

Maore art cover
What better way to start a new year than wishing people all around anything that can contribute to their happiness. A happy, wealthy, healthy, creative year to everyone that reads that blog, and all the others who certainly will one day.

Many things happened while I was away for some time. First, another poem from The Year the World Ended Not -- Mud Pie on My Mind -- was published by The Red Poppy Review here. That's another of Sandy Benitez' publications, she lately accepted another excerpt from this collection which foreword will be written by Karla Linn Merrifield -- a usual contributor to mgversion2>datura. She accepted to give her talented quill a go at this difficult task that writing a foreword for a book is.
Thank you Karla.

Then, I found more excerpts from my collection of poems in French Post Mayotte Trauma in Cathy Garcia's Nouveaux délits, issue 44, 2013 first term. This collection should also be published by Lapwing with a foreword by Patrice Maltaverne some time this year or the next maybe.

Indeed, Dennis Greig has kept his word and will publish Maore (from Mayotte) is a very short while.
This is so exciting. See cover above.

I owe all these people, and more, a lot, really.

This drives me to think about two of them with whom I started in that weird business of independent publishing. Thierry Piet and Frédéric Maire. I know Thierry is out there, somewhere, doing his business and running his blog, but I haven't had news from him for years. Frederic passed away exactly 10 years ago this year in September.

They both trusted in me and my writing and Frédéric who ran Press-Stances - both a journal and publishing business - published the collection that gives its name to this blog: L'orchidée noctambule, The Night Orchid.

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