Thursday, June 19, 2014

Twelve Times Thirteen Available From Kind of a Hurricane Press

Download Here

About the collection – The Calendar Song, Boney M

This collection – Twelve Times Thirteen –  is about the twelve months of the year 2013 and how they inspired me: knowing the first six were about the worst I had ever lived.

The title of the collection itself is quite obvious and was also inspired by French film-director François Ozon's 5x2.

Each poem is subtitled with a song title which matches the theme developed and the mood felt at the time.

The themes found in each poem are the same as the ones you can find in the previous poems written since 1994 in French & English: sex, guilt, religion and myths, love, death, physical and mental illness, family, etc.

Some of these poems echo my two previous collections Crossing Puddles written in 2012 coming up through Robocup Press 2014, and The Loss in 2013, published this year in February by Flutter Press.

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