Monday, June 23, 2014

Going on with new stuff

The news of this weekend was of course the release of my 21st chapbook Twelve Times Thirteen  through Kind of Hurricane Press. Appraisals, in private and publicly posted, have already come rushing, and that heals me a lot. It reassures me so much to know that people actually read my poetry, this blog, that I am not screaming alone in the vast darkness of this world.

The Loss published earlier this year, Twelve Times Thirteen just now, and in December Crossing Puddles, yet my writing never stops and I am ever so glad, and reassured even more to have more poems from Tamed Dracaenae & Some Orphans accepted and/or published in various publications.

Shadows & Light, July anthology published "Whipping Past"

Pyrokinection, will publish "The Rain Bows Down" & "A Bowling Bowl in My Stomach"

Finally for this summer so far, Perspective Lit Mag, a paying market, yes, my dear! will release their July issue including my "Urban Spell"

Knowing that these publications have already published or scheduled some of my poems is even more exciting. It finally seems that my she-dragons found some nice shelters unlike what I thought.

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