Saturday, March 28, 2015

Hibernatus Poeticus

At the wake of Spring, I am catching up on some poems that were published in the last months in journals from which I though I had no news. I did. These publications accepted five for the one, one for the other.

Returning to a market where you previously appeared is always important. To be accepted once, I guess this has some sort of importance too, but when you make it another time, it takes a whole new dimension. It means you are worthier than you thought in the eyes of the editor.

Here, it is an editrix to quote Marie Lecrivain. Jessica Gleason runs Aberation Labyrinth. This publication started in 2012 and I totally adhere to their mission and feel close to what it represents as it is how I now see my own journal mgversion2>datura, at the time it was printed -- photocopied rather -- and called Mauvaise graine back in the late 90s.

This ezine is published quarterly and uses as a platform to share and promote online publications, issue 15 in which "You Gave Him Your Blood" one of the last poems from Tamed Dracaenae and Some Orphans that was published this year.

Then there was Five Poetry Magazine. Doug Lance "A Michigander living in Ann Arbor–writer, editor, amateur beer tester, Editor-in-Chief and founder of". I realized that the five poems I had sent late last year were published in Volume 2 Issue 4. There again, these poems -- "Sometimes You're Nothing But Meat", "The Charts of Pain", "The Rain Has to Separate from Itself", "The Seven Lords of Time",  and "The Throat of the Loons" -- are all taken from Tamed Dracaenae and Some Orphans, the last unpublished collection currently being considered here and there.

Now is time to keep alarmed on bells when fresh poems get accepted.

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