Thursday, January 16, 2014

MadHat Issue 15 Winter 2014

Safe Word © Shawne Major
Two fresh poems appear in this wonderful online journal of arts, fiction, non-fiction, and poetry of course. Like the poems published in Rolling Thunder Magazine, these two poems "Touchstone" & "Bring It Close to my Lips" are part of the fifth full-length collection I am currently writing.

All I want to say about it for now is that it is going to be about dragons -- the ones of the Greek mythology, guarding treasures -- with blinks from the muse who has accompanied me for over twenty years now: Tori Amos.

The funny thing about this publication in MadHat Review is that in the credits list I spotted the name of a former contributor to mgversion2>datura from the time it was still called Mauvaise graine and printed in black & white from the local photocopy office: Mathieu Baumier featured in issue 21, April 1998 with two short stories "Not a Peer" ("Traditions brisées" in French) and "22, rue de la Verrerie".

There are close to one hundred contributors to this issue. Read their awesome work here.

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