Saturday, June 1, 2013

Three Fresh Poems on Chicago Literati

It seems I have something with the city of Chicago. As if the city itself drew me close to it. It is the second time - as far as I know - that some of my poems are published in a media related to Chicago. There were some poems from my collection Maore (Lapwing Publications, 2013) published in The North Chicago Review late December 2012. It is now on a blog run by Abby Sheaffer - Chicago Literati - with three poems from a brand new collection I am currently working on.
These poems from The Loss (those of you who know how difficult the last few months were will understand straight what I am talking about) are "Cold Mornings", "Revisiting Tracy" (this poem relates to a previous poem, "Tracy" first published in Inclement from England Suite, the complement to Maore) and "Your Left Buttock".

More poems from this new collection in progress were recently published in A New Ulster and Futures Trading earlier this month. More to come later this year.

The poems and Abby Sheaffer's blog are here.

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