Saturday, October 6, 2012

Blue & Yellow Dog Fall 2012 Issue

Blue & Yellow is the last publication in which the last excerpts from Night Observatories are published. Some were published in the past years in man other publications: Inclement, Madhatters' Blog, Ygdrasil and Mad Swirl.
Early 2013, this short collection will be published again by mgv2>publishing, it had been self-published 16 years ago.
Indeed, Night Observatories - Les observatoires nocturnes in French - was written in the mid-1990s and published as a supplement to the journal Mauvaise graine in 1997.
I translated these poems into the English language and submitted them to various publications which accepted them - most of them.
This collection is now ready to be released on a wider scale: on line (through but also in hard copies which will be available through

This month will also be the time to launch the first volume of a new series X & Friend, with poems written by Amber Decker and her fellow poets. The basis of this series is to invite a poet, writer, artist and make them co-editor. So far, ten poets and artists have responded to my invitation. This leads us to the year 2014.
Hopefully, more will follow, and maybe French authors too, who knows.

Meanwhile, the Fall 2012 issue of Blue & Yellow Dog can be read here.

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